Small Fluffy Dog Breeds that Will Warm Your Heart

A fluffy toy breed, the Shih Tzu dog, with a white bow in its hair.
A soft, small fluffy Pomeranian Puppy licking its own teddy bear face.

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Small fluffy dog breeds are unlike most other dogs. Nothing in this world can compare to the satisfying feeling of running your fingers through the thick coat of a cute fluffy pup.

These long-haired small dogs are adorable at home, and demand public attention everywhere they go.

“Your dog is so cute!” is the most common thing owners of these fluff-balls will hear outside on walks.

If you would love to experience the heavenly feeling of snuggling up with a soft fuzzy puppy who will become your very best friend, consider adopting one of these small and cute fluffy dog breeds.

17 Small Fluffy Dog Breeds to Add to Your Family

Small doesn’t mean less when it comes to human’s best friend. These small breeds are super furry, adorable, and full of big personality.

But tread carefully — it’s hard to resist spoiling such cute dogs, and they know it. These breeds won’t soon let you or anyone else forget just how cute they are.

1. Japanese Spitz

A fluffy white Japanese Spitz puppy.

Average weight: 11-20 lbs / 5-9 kg

The Japanese Spitz looks like a little cloud with an adorable face and four thick, soft legs.

Dogs of this breed are gentle and family-friendly, plus extremely fluffy due to the fact that their long fur nearly “stands” up against the skin.

Similar to many other small fluffy dog breeds, this beauty comes at a cost: Japanese Spitz dogs are one of the highest maintenance breeds in terms of grooming.

If you want to add this little ball of fluff to your family, you will need to give them daily brushing to de-tangle, prevent matts, and get rid of loose hairs. Due to their white fur, it’s also especially important to clean the Japanese Spitz’s face with special dog eye wipes to prevent tear stains.

Average weight: 3-7 lbs / 1-3 kg

Pomeranians ideally suit their cute nicknames of “Pom-Poms” or “Poms,” often sporting a rounded cut of their long double-coat.

This breed’s compact form and thick, fluffy coats make for a charming and cute aesthetic.

Dogs of this breed are generally lively and very devoted to their people, following their family around and will happily come with you anywhere you need to go, including errands around town.

Pomeranians are one of the smallest Spitz-type dog breeds and have been incredibly popular as lap dogs and competition champions for many years.

3. Pekingese

Two small Pekingese dogs.

Average weight: 7-14 lbs / 3-6 kg

Provided how much fur these dogs carry on their little tiny bodies, calling them fluffy would almost be an understatement.

Reinforcing their special look, Pekingese puppies’ popularity largely comes from their charmingly unique facial features: including flat snouts and big, round eyes.

4. Toy Poodle

A toy Poodle dog wearing a red winter coat or jacket.

Average weight: 5-10 lbs or 2-5 kg

Poodles come in a variety of sizes, including the Toy, Miniature, and Standard breeds.

The Toy Poodle is the smallest in the family and, possibly, the cutest of all.

These dogs are also loved for being the most outgoing and friendliest of the three Poodle variations.

So, if you want the elegance and intelligence of a Poodle in a space-friendly form, Toy Poodle is definitely the fluffy small dog breed to consider.

5. Miniature Poodle

A brown Miniature Poodle dog with curly fur.

Average weight: 15 lbs or 7 kg

The Miniature Poodle is a medium-sized option of the three members of the Poodle family.

While it is larger than its Toy Poodle relative, it still presents a great option for those looking for a small fluffy dog breed.

When it comes to temperament and personality, Miniature Poodles get the best of both worlds: they are calmer than the lively Toy Poodle, and still less aloof than the Standard Poodle.

Average weight: 3-8 lbs / 1-4kg

The Maltese can be the cutest thing ever with its thick, fluffy fur.

While it’s hard to resist cuddling with this ball of fluff, Maltese dogs are still pretty low-maintenance when it comes to grooming.

The breed is considered hypoallergenic and sheds very little. Giving your pup a good brush once or twice a week to detangle should be enough in most general cases.

Average weight: 8-10 lbs / 4-5 kg

“Papillon” means “butterfly” in French.

Papillon dogs get their name from their beautiful wing-like ears, complemented by the long fur coat that tends to exaggerate the look.

Though their fur is long and soft, Papillons are considered a low-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming! A weekly bath and brushing session is enough for the average Papillon.

This small ball of fluff is a great breed to consider if you are looking for a loving but highly energetic small dog with low maintenance.

Thriving from human attention and company, they will follow their owners pretty much anywhere they would allow.

8. Affenpinscher

Two fluffy black Affenpinscher dogs sitting together next to decorative mushrooms.

Average weight: 6-13 lbs / 3-6 kg

The Affenpinscher is commonly known as the Monkey Terrier due to its funky ape-like facial features and wild personality.

This breed is a great option to consider if you want a small fluffy dog with a coat on the rougher side.

While Affenpinschers still require regular brushing to detangle the fur, they shed way less than smooth-haired breeds.

In fact, while they are still quite fluffy, they shed so little that they are often considered hypoallergenic.

9. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A brown and a black King Charles Spaniel.

Average weight: 13-18 lbs / 6-8 kg

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs make for the ideal companion lap dog with their sweet personalities and small, fluffy aesthetic.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of this breed is the silky beauty of their coats.

The smooth and long fur feels amazing to touch, but be sure to brush it 3 to 4 times per week to keep your dog comfortable and minimize matting and shedding.

10. Biewer Terrier

A rare long haired toy breed, the Biewer Terrier dog.

Average weight: 4-8 lbs / 2-4kg

Biewer Terrier is among the rarest fluffy small dog breeds in the world.

This luxurious breed was originally developed from Yorkshire Terriers with the “piebald gene,” the DNA responsible for the unique aesthetic of these adorable puppies.

Biewer Terrier can make for a fantastic companion if you want a loving, lively, but low-maintenance dog for a condo or apartment.

While their fur is incredibly long, these dogs shed very little and are even considered hypoallergenic.

11. Yorkshire Terrier

A toy Yorkshire Terrier dog lying down against a white background.

Average weight: 4-7 lbs / 2-3 kg

In terms of coat characteristics, Yorkshire Terriers can come in three different variations: smooth short, smooth long, and wiry long.

While all of these have their own charm, it is the long-haired option that attracts the lovers of small fluffy dog breeds.

The best part about Yorkshire Terriers is that they shed rarely and very little, so their gorgeous coats are considered hypoallergenic.

12. Cockapoo

A brown Cockapoo dog, mixed breed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.

Average weight: 13-18 lbs / 6-8 kg

This unique “designer” dog is bred from Miniature Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, resulting in one of the friendliest and fluffiest mixes in the world.

Most of the time, this mixed breed inherits the thick, curly coat from its Poodle side, which results in an adorably-fluffy appearance.

Cockapoos are lively and highly intelligent dogs that make for perfect family pets.

13. Miniature Australian Shepherd

A small and fluffy Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy.

Average weight: 17-30 lbs / 8-14 kg

The miniature version of the popular Australian Shepherd is famous for its combination of a lovely personality, an impressive intelligence, and great aesthetics.

These dogs get most of their fluff from the double-layered nature of the coat and long, smooth fur.

The gorgeous coat might require some extra time and effort to maintain, but it is surely worth it for these adorable dogs.

14. Lhasa Apso

A fluffy white Lhasa Apso puppy dog.

Average weight: 14-18 lbs / 6-8 kg

It may not be obvious from their compact size, but Lhasa Apso were originally bred as protection dogs. In fact, they served as watchdogs in Tibetan monasteries, where they would bark to alert the monks and discourage intruders.

Today, these dogs are commonly kept for dog shows or as companion pets.

Their stunning fluffy coats and high intelligence make them a great choice for both cases.

15. Shih Tzu

A fluffy toy breed, the Shih Tzu dog, with a white bow in its hair.

Average weight: 8-16 lbs / 4-7 kg

Undoubtedly, the Shih Tzus breed presents some of the most pampered dogs in the world.

Their long, thick coats offer endless styles to choose from, as they can be groomed in any way you desire, from teddy bear cuts to impressive floor-length hair styles.

If you are looking for a furry best friend, it is worth taking Shih Tzus into consideration.

They are one of the most affectionate and loyal dog breeds and can become a truly devoted companion.

However, they can get slightly possessive, so early socialization is important.

16. American Eskimo Dog

A fluffy, long-haired white American Eskimo Dog.

Average weight: 15-40 lbs / 7-18 kg

American Eskimo Dog may not always be considered a “small dog,” but they certainly can be.

At a first glance, it can be challenging to tell the difference between the American Eskimo Dog and other dogs from the Spitz family, such as the Japanese Spitz. Both have gorgeous white coats and Spitz facial features, but there are some subtle yet important differences.

For one, the American Eskimo Dog tends to be larger and often more obedient, intelligent, and loyal.

This breed generally loves children and can become fantastic family companions.

17. Tibetan Terrier

A fluffy brown Tibetan Terrier dog wearing a red harness in the snow.

Average weight: 18-30 lbs / 18-14 kg

While the Tibetan Terrier might also be slightly larger than the rest of the small fluffy dog breeds in this list, it is just as adorable and soft.

Tibetan Terriers sport a unique shaggy coat aesthetic with a thick tail.

Their long, wavy fur, combined with an affectionate personality and high intelligence make it an excellent companion for those who want to cuddle their soft small dog.

A Tibetan Terrier is known to be able to bond with virtually anyone, adapting to many types of households. They’re great family dogs.

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Wrapping Up

Without a doubt, small fluffy dog breeds are easy to fall head over heels in love with.

They’re usually soft and as loving with their family as they are adorable.

No matter how cute your small dog is, be sure to train them the same as any other dog: one potential downside of having a dog this cute and tiny is what is known as Small Dog Syndrome. This means that without proper training and socialization, these small pooches can start to feel like they own the world, or even fear the world due to their small size.

So, if you decide to get a small fluffy friend, be sure to devote sufficient time for proper training. They need to be prepared to be approached by gawking strangers when going outside.

And, of course, be ready to regularly groom their fuzzy, fluffy, and soft hairdos!

A white Maltese dog with soft long hair.